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Fight to be Healed Logos and Tag Line

Many people have asked where the idea for our logo and slogan originated. Nick loved all things medieval; dragons, knights and castles to name a few. He read fantasy and especially enjoyed reading books on King Arthur. The dragon is a wyvern, a legendary winged creature with two legs and a barbed tail often found in medieval heraldry, and came from one of Nick's dragon books. Luke, Nick's dad, thought of the sword and shield as it matched the memorial he had placed at Nick's site. Nick chose the red and black colors and the "Fight to be Healed" slogan while friends and family were raising money to help with his medical bills. Together, they represent the spirit of Nick that we hope will shine through and help children defend themselves against cancer.

The tag line is just fun and we wanted a cartoon approach since Nick was often called a cartoon character. Starting from a young age, Nick always had his thumbs up in every picture taken. So even in the midst of tragedy, we want hope and positive energy to shine through. Humor and laughter have always been a large part of our lives so "Healing Kids by Having Fun" is what Nick would wish for any child fighting cancer.

Many of Nick's friends and teens in the community felt compelled to make a difference after losing Nick. Nick's Round Table is a teen advisory group where all are equal in their power to make a difference and raise awareness for teens battling cancer