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Nick's Round Table

The members of Nick’s Round Table are local teens who want to make a difference in the lives of other teens battling cancer. They fill Nick's Comfort Bags and birthday packs that are given to young adults in the hospital, purchase DVDs and video games for the clinic so kids can be distracted while receiving treatment. They also collect holiday items in December for the clinic's holiday shop and help patients select a gift for themselves and family members. Volunteers join the children in the waiting room and help with arts and crafts, which brings joy to both the teens and the patients. These young adults raise awareness and educate their peers about a cancer diagnosis and help those with cancer get through their journey. This group meets monthly and is open to students in 6th grade through high school, as well as young adults. Meetings are in the Clifton Park area. For more information or to join the group, click here. Also join Nick’s Fight to be Healed Foundation fan page on Facebook for updates.



The next meeting will be on September 24, 6:30-8:00pm

 at Annette Romano's house, 16 Kings Court, Clifton Park.


Preparation for Nick's Run, so please attend! Sign ups for our largest fundraiser! 

New members are also welcome!

Sign up for text updates about upcoming meetings by sending a message to 81010 saying @nicksf

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Cancer Awareness Tree

Cancer Awareness Tree

Shenendehowa had made yet another improvement to the Shen Memorial Garden (located within the front circle in front of the main entrance) with the addition of a cancer awareness tree.  What is a cancer awareness tree?  Well, it's exactly what it sounds like.  It is a tree that people can tie different colored ribbons around the branches to signify a specific type of cancer of disease. The tying of these ribbons can be from many different motives, whether you have been personally affected by that cancer, or you just want to show your support. Trees like these have been popping up all over the US to raise awareness, and it's great that Shen decided to try out their very own.

Nick’s Round Table Creed

AWARENESS: Our group raises awareness about cancer through social media, friends, and our website.

DIGNITY: Members are teens with cancer, teens with friends or siblings with cancer, or people who want to help. We treat one another with honor and respect.

HOPE: We ensure that teens with cancer do not feel alone, have support, and they know that we are here to help.

HEALING: Help teens heal through interactive activities that reduce stress.

COURAGE: Don’t show fear, be positive.

LAUGHTER: The best medicine and is contagious.

RESPECT: Teens want to be treated normally and with honesty. Put yourself in their shoes and have patience.

STRONG: Be encouraging, optimistic and put on a brave face to inspire them to be strong.

FRIEND: Be a friend. Keep in touch, listen. Be in the present moment when you are with someone. Text. Watch a movie. Play a game. Be supportive.

LOVE: Let them know that they are not alone. Give lots of hugs and spend time together.