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Nick’s Round Table Creed

AWARENESS: Our group raises awareness about cancer through social media, friends, and our website.

DIGNITY: Members are teens with cancer, teens with friends or siblings with cancer, or people who want to help. We treat one another with honor and respect.

HOPE: We ensure that teens with cancer do not feel alone, have support, and they know that we are here to help.

HEALING: Help teens heal through interactive activities that reduce stress.

COURAGE: Don’t show fear, be positive.

LAUGHTER: The best medicine and is contagious.

RESPECT: Teens want to be treated normally and with honesty. Put yourself in their shoes and have patience.

STRONG: Be encouraging, optimistic and put on a brave face to inspire them to be strong.

FRIEND: Be a friend. Keep in touch, listen. Be in the present moment when you are with someone. Text. Watch a movie. Play a game. Be supportive.

LOVE: Let them know that they are not alone. Give lots of hugs and spend time together.