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Thank you to everyone who attended Nick’s Run to be Healed 5K. It was a beautiful day filled with laughter and families
coming together. 

I come to this event today noting the significance of the miracle that is before me. The first two miracles are my two sons, Nick
and Stephen. I was blessed to have Nick for 13 years and Stephen will be turning 21. I see so many children who have battled
cancer, are currently battling, or are dealing with the secondary effects of their disease. I see families like mine who lost their
child to cancer and are struggling to understand how life can continue without them. It takes so much more than medicine to
heal a child. We want them to lead a fulfilling and healthy life, both physically and emotionally. I remember the first day I met Ali.
We were standing by the elevators of the Melodies Center. His family and one of my friends are close so we made that connection.
Ali showed me the chemo shirt that he was given by another foundation. He only had to unzip it and the nurse had access to his
port. He was so excited by this. Every time I saw him he would make eye contact and greet me by my name with a big smile. Ali’s
family and all the families that take the time from their children’s battle to walk, run, raise money and awareness teach me the
power of miracles and that through
giving back we heal.


We are a team that keeps growing. No matter what your child is diagnosed with, it’s that common fear of the unknown that
paralyzes us. The need to know that others have walked in your footsteps and have prevailed makes events like this so powerful.
And to keep growing, to keep bringing support where it is needed most, we branch out and connect with other foundations. Like
Maddie’s Mark, Catie Hoch, Kelsey’s Promise, Nicole’s Hope, Green Drakkoman and Ballsfest. We connected with JP Honsinger’s
family who have teens that want to give back to children with life-threatening illnesses, so they came to our Nick’s Round Table teen
meeting and helped prepare for this run. We are a community of connectors. When one of ours struggles, we band together. So as
we grow and Nick’s Fight ventures into more areas of emotional support like our yoga and writing programs, we will ask others to
take on some of what we have brought to The Melodies Center.                       


Our children are at the heart of our mission. Coming together like this with the common goal of healing our children and supporting
their siblings and families emotionally, financially, and socially will not change. It will get stronger and more impactful. Thank you to
everyone who worked so hard for this event. My board of directors, the volunteers, the families, the Town of Clifton Park, the EMS,
police department, fire department, and our sponsors. But I especially thank Ali and his family who have taught me that no matter
where you are, with love, hope and faith, you can get through anything.




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Event Schedule

  • Registration starts at 10:00am
  • Nick’s Dash | 11:00am at Run Start/Finish Line
  • Luke's Mile | 11:15am at Run Start/Finish Line
  • Zumba Warm-up with Anna Rivelo | 11:45am
  • 2 Mile Walk | 12:00pm (registration ends at 11:45am)
  • 5K Run | 1:00pm (registration ends at 12:45pm)

Please note that the event schedule is subject to change and that we suggest you check back often prior to the start of the run.

Sunday, September 24, 2017 | Clifton Commons, Clifton Park, NY

2018 Sponsors

Four Seasons
Lia Cars
MT Bank
MW Group
Pioneer Bank
Town CP
Vincys Printing
CP Podiatry
Capital Tech Search
Capitaland Motors
Cool Cat
Digital First Media
Elizabeth Fox Photography
Kerensa Rybak Photography
LH Law
McGregor Auto Service
Miranda Real Estate
Proactive Chiropractic
State Farm Insurance
Wrap Kingz

Additional Sponsors

  • Physical Therapy Associates of Schenectady PC
  • Culligan
  • Performance Appraisals, LLC
  • ADK Sports
  • G-Box
  • Elements Massage
  • Anna Rivelo—Zumba
  • Mazzone Hospitality
  • Top Form
  • 16 Handles
  • Michael & Colleen Wright